Different Sides of Me

Different people bring out different aspects of me. Different relationships also bring out different sides of me.

Friend A brings out the crazy and silly side of me. Although, most of the time, I am pretty silly. I do have my serious and mature side too. Sometimes both together. Anyway, with this friend I can talk about almost anything and not feel judged.

Friend B acts more like me. Her nature and thinking is more like me and her background is more like me. We were both brought up in similar Chinese family.

My partner sees a combination of what Friend A and Friend B see. It’s interesting because he notices how I am like Friend A and how I am like Friend B.

It’s interesting how I show a certain part of me more with certain friends or people. I think I have the “you must be polite at all times even though you disagree with others” manner embedded deep in me. I never openly oppose someone. I never openly shut down someone’s idea. I try to be friendly with everybody. Sometimes I wonder: does that make me a coward?

And my answer is no. I like the calm flow of energy. There are cases at work where I have to confront people and I do it. Maybe it’s also the teaching training… you don’t say negative things directly, you try to state a positive/say it in a very respectful way. Ex. Student A, your idea was really good, maybe you can try … to present it more strongly. Something like that. I tend to confront less in my social life. Is that bad?

I am reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and I am currently reading about pain bodies. We all emit energy and those energies do affect us in some sort of way, in different magnitudes. We react differently to different types of energy. Same with people.

I don’t like to feel negative. Nor do I like to make people feel negative. So, naturally, I choose the least negative interaction.

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