End of 2010, beginning of 2011

Thinking about 2010…

– Being laid off was a key moment in 2010. It made me realize that I’ve had it pretty easy up until then – in terms of getting into university, getting a job etc. I also realized that teaching at a private school does not work for me. I am having real trouble thinking about education as a business, even though I am running a tutoring business.

– This brings us to the second point. Ming’s Tutoring is doing pretty well. I have 6 steady students. Although I hate the idea of charging people for education, this is only temporary and for survival. It’s actually my steady income right now. I’ve never really started anything before … in terms of my own project. This is it! Through tutoring, I am trying to keep kids interested in learning. I am also interacting with classroom teachers to create a community of learning and a network of support for students.

– I’ve volunteered for many organizations in 2010:
* Family and Children’s Services
* Waterloo Public Library
* The Museum of Kitchener
* KW Humane Society
* Pathways to Education (Kitchener)
* KidsAbility School in Waterloo
* Waterloo Region District School Board
These experiences helped me see what education programs are in the community. They also affirm my love for working with children. KidsAbility, volunteering at local schools, and previous education experiences helped me figure out what I want to do in education – special education resource teacher. I definitely want to work in the field of special education.

– Went on a trip out west with my family – planned a pretty successful itinerary.

I have decided for now I am going to focus more on the local community. 2011 will bring new adventures and I am not exactly sure what they are going to be. I will face them when they come! I do hope to do an international volunteer trip at some point in 2012.

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