Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!

I remember I was so nervous about this. Whenever I get nervous about trying something or doing something, I always think of the worst case scenario. In this case, driving the plane to the ground accidentally. I knew there would be an instructor next to me, with control over the plane but the worry part of my mind took over.

It was the same with the first time I learned how to drive. My instructor was awesome but again I thought of worst case scenarios.

It is good to be aware but focussing on the now rather what could happen.

Anyway, this was a great experience! While I was in the air, in control, my worries were gone. It was an awesome feeling – being able to fly!

I feel like in the last few years, I’ve become more daring in some ways but more cowardly in others:

– I travelled a lot and going to England was something that I didn’t think I would do; going somewhere that I didn’t know to live and work (I did have a companion but even then, I was going with someone that I only knew for a year)

– Going to Kenya – another great experience – travelling without my parents (I lived a pretty sheltered life, my mom wouldn’t even let my brother and I walk home when we were in high school, middle school and elementary school; I didn’t go out much back then)

– Going away for university – this was probably the first step, leading to other adventures later on; my life would have been different if I stayed in Toronto

– I’ve grown to be afraid of looking at cuts and blood; like recently I jammed my finger in the garage door (we have a manual door) and I felt like I was going to faint looking at the wound… I used to be able to watch horror movies where there is lots of cutting and blood… now I can’t (and don’t enjoy) watching these

– I do crave stability and somewhere to settle down; maybe this has cut down the amount of adventures I had in the past year and a bit… I am just thinking of my friend Leanne and her travels (teaching in Kuwait, possibly teaching in Mongolia)… sometimes I envy that life (but I have it good too, and there is still room for adventures in the future)

In 2011, I want to have more adventures locally:
– visit more places in Ontario
– visit places with friends
– do more hikes
– I’d like to get involved more steadily in a community project … maybe local garden



  1. i like your 2011 goals!!
    keep me abreast of any plans you have re: travel!
    maybe Stratford in the summer? We could catch a play!
    i like hiking too!

    • Great idea, Jen! Let’s do Stratford this season! We have it in writing now lol… so we must do it! I’ll keep an eye out for Play On tickets! 🙂
      We should do a trip to somewhere nature-y this summer! I want to visit the Royal Botannical Gardens and waterfalls in Hamilton!

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