What an adventure!

28 miles, 12 hours

Royal Military Canal

This was the longest walk/hike that I’ve ever done. It started out with pouring rain. We almost gave up. We decided to divide the walk into “two halves”. In reality, it was more like we did two-thirds of the walk the first day and the remaining on the second day. It was exhausting but rewarding. The weather was horrid in the morning but it got nicer and nicer as we walked towards Appledore.

Appledore Railway Hotel

Like I said before, I misjudged the distance. So the second day, we only had 6 miles to go. Honestly, it did feel like a never-ending journey (on the first day).

We found that walking in Ontario was not the same.

We miss the train services in England (was so convenient!). We miss the walking trails in Kent (the scenery, the hills…)! I am finding it very hard to walk to places right now, especially in the winter.

Can’t wait until the summer – when I can bike again!



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