Knitting Fun: Cable Blanket

Blankets are pretty easy to knit but they do take long. I have been working on this on and off. It’s supposed to be a baby blanket. I bought the yarn mostly because it was on sale (and it’s soft!).

Knitting is fun! It’s also a good way to de-stress (at least, for me). Although, it has been difficult because of my left index finger (jammed it in the garage door; makes typing and knitting more interesting).

This is my first time using a circular needle. I can see why it’s easier with a circular needle.

Knitting pattern from Bernat: Cable Blanket
Free pattern. It’s just a matter of signing up.
* Instead of yellow, I picked purple.


  1. Alright, I will start looking at patterns when I come back from Taiwan. 🙂

    Skirt might be kind of hard – I am an odd shape for skirts lol. Bags would be nice! 🙂 Although, you would have to finish that skirt for your other friend first. 😉

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