Pesto, Chicken, Pizza!

I didn’t take pictures during the making of this pizza, I was too hungry!

Smitten Kitchen is so awesome! Thanks to A Dash of Zest for posting it! Another place to get recipe ideas!

Here is my attempt to modifying and amalgamating recipes.

(You may be wondering why I am still up at this time – it’s an oddity – we are trying to get in sync with Taiwan’s time by not sleeping at all tonight and sleeping on the 15 hour plane ride. All these years of going back to Taiwan, I’ve never done something like this. We will see how it goes.)

Chicken pesto pizza!

Pesto is one of my favourite sauces. I haven’t tried making it myself, one day I will! Due to time constraint, I turned to:

This recipe is from All Recipes.

I followed the advice of a fellow reviewer and marinated the chicken in the morning (made the pizza for that night).

What I marinated the chicken with:
– marjoram (to be honest, I am not sure what taste marjoram has but it’s often paired with something chicken-y)
– fresh basil
– fresh rosemary (the rosemary in my garden is growing like wild fire!)
– oregano
– chili powder
– freshly ground black pepper
– garlic powder (could use minced garlic, but I was lazy)
– onion powder
– a bit of soy sauce

It turned out really good – chicken had great flavours!

Chicken Pesto Pizza - Full View

As for the crust, I used this recipe. I must have done something wrong because the crust did not rise enough (definitely was not double the original size). I imagine it had something to do with the temperature of the water (that mixed with the yeast). I should have used a thermometer. Anyway, it turned out to be like a thin-crust pizza.

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