Beating Jet Lag

We have been so busy with family gatherings and meeting up with family friends that I haven’t had time to blog about this trip.

It’s been busy, a little bit stressful (a lot of socializing and we like our alone time), but fun. I wish I can see my relatives more often. There is not enough time in two weeks to spend with all of them.

The next time I come back, I want to dig up more about my family history.

Anyway, now that we are approaching our return journey, we are thinking about how we can beat the return jet lag.

Toronto Pearson Airport at 10 AM

We always spend the first week in Taiwan getting over the jet lag. This time we tried something new.

We were getting on the plane at around 10 AM (11 PM Taiwan time), so T suggested that we stay up all night and sleep on the plane.

I think I’ve only stayed up all night a couple of times to study/write my thesis during university. It was difficult. I prefer going to sleep early and waking up early (admittedly, I don’t do that enough).

A lot of tea was involved. It gave me a chance to clear my computer, back up my files, sort through my e-mails and reply to any overdue e-mails.

When we were at the airport we met someone who was a frequent flyer with Air Canada. He had two coupons to upgrade family members to first class – he offered them to us. Unfortunately, he could only use one coupon at a time – T didn’t want to split up, so we both stayed in economy.

10-11 AM After a long night of no sleep, I fell asleep pretty much right away.

5 PM (Toronto time) or 6 AM (Taiwan time) Woke up from my sleep.

I was determined to stay up for the rest of our flight (and the next flight). The in-flight entertainment system was a great help!

The Social Network

First movie: The Social Network
I enjoyed the movie. I wondered if Mark Zuckerberg’s character was accurately portrayed in the movie. I was impressed with the Winklevoss twins – played by the same person – it seemed so seamless (I thought they were played by twins). I have to say Justin Timberlake is not too bad as an actor in this film.


7 PM (Toronto time) or 8 AM (Taiwan time) I watched Atonement. I liked the music used in this movie. It was depressing, though. Briony (played by Saoirse Ronan) reminded me of a student I taught in England (mostly looks, but somewhat in character – and her name was Bryony with a “y”). The book is going on my to-read list.

You Don't Know Jack

9 PM (Toronto time) or 10 AM Taiwan time) Movie: You Don’t know Jack
T’s sister told me about this movie a couple of weeks earlier. It was interesting. What do you think about doctor-assisted suicide? I think that legalizing it creates a lot of issues (maybe more issues than if it wasn’t legalized), but at the same time if someone is terminally ill and has had a pretty good life (but will suffer a lot because of the disease) maybe it’s ok? It’s hard to create a law for this – I think it depends on the case. Sometimes, it might be an easy way out because not financially able to afford healthcare.


11:30 AM (Toronto time) or 12:30 PM (Taiwan time) After watching these two movies, I wanted to watch something uplifting. I started watching a Chinese movie: A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop. Um, yeah, silly and stupid. I couldn’t keep watching it. So I watched Conviction. Pretty amazing and inspiring woman.

We landed in Taoyuan around 6 PM (Taiwan time; 5 AM in Ontario). We were so tired from traveling that we fell asleep right after we got to my grandmother’s place (in Xihu). We both woke up around 4 AM the next day but forced ourselves to sleep again until 6 AM. The following night was similar. Then our shedule became sleep at around 8:30-9 PM and wake up around 6 AM (which was what my grandma was used to – her bedtime was usually around 8 PM).

Did we beat the jet lag? Maybe it helped getting over jet lag. I slept really well for the first half of the plane ride, mostly because I was incredibly tired. T had trouble sleeping on the plane – the seats were cramped (we forgot that Air Canada was not so great when flying 10+ hours; Eva Air is better).

It also helped that we had family things to do the day after we landed and onwards. Is there really a way to get over jet lag quickly?

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