Buns (包子) at My Granduncle’s Place


My granduncle and grandaunt opened a bun place in Xihu (溪湖) called 欒家寨手工包子饅頭。 I might be biased but they make the best buns I’ve ever tasted. They are very Q (a Taiwanese word to describe very tender, bouncy taste).


They are all natural, no preservatives or other unnatural chemical.


Their mushroom and pork buns (香菇肉包) are delicious! The filling is a perfect mixture of mushrooms, pork and seasoning. They also make a lot of buns for temples (especially when the temples have events), the vegetarian buns (素菜包) are also very yummy!

Here they are, hard at work, making sesame buns (芝麻包); they also make sesame buns with pumpkin dough!

饅頭 (buns with no filling inside) are my favourite things to eat for breakfast in Taiwan. The one I like the best from my granduncle’s place is brown sugar bun (黑糖饅頭).

If you ever visit Xihu (溪湖) be sure to stop by this place. They are opened in the morning and in the afternoon (serving the students at a neighbouring school).

Their address:
T: 04-881-2578
C: 0928-853606


    • My granduncle went to different “bun masters” for a couple of years, learning secrets. Unfortunately he is pretty protective of his secrets (and traditional) lol… and since my brother is their “godson” (not sure if it’s official or they just say it), he will only pass it down to him. I got to see how he made one of the buns – I am going to experiment myself one day. They use 老麵 (lao3 mian4 or old dough) basically dough that’s risen and put in the fridge overnight, this contributes to the Q-ness of the buns.

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