Taiwan Tea at Lugu 鹿谷

Every time we visit Taiwan, we always visit the “tea doctor” (茶醫師) in Lugu (鹿谷). I’ve temporarily misplaced his card, but when I find it I will post his information. Him and his wife are family friends. We love tea! Especially Taiwan’s Oolong!

牡丹 (tree peony) planted by the tea doctor and his wife

梅子 Plum

They use these plums to make tea plum (茶梅) like this.


Some facts about Lugu tea

  • Tea produced in this area is Dong Ding Oolong Tea.
  • More than 150 years of tea producing history in this area, originating from Fujian province in China.
  • Tea is grown at moderate to high elevation.
  • Climate around this area is cool with abundant rainfall and the soil is rich, ideal environment for producing tea.
  • Tea processing steps: (1) solar withering; (2) indoor oxidation and shaking; (3) tumble-heating; (4) rolling; (5) primary drying; (6) hot mass rolling; (7) advanced drying; (8) stem removal; (9) baking; and (10) packaging.
  • Variations in the processing steps create tea with different flavours (ex. unroasted vs. roasted tea).

We bought a mixture of roasted and unroasted tea – for us it was the right amount of tea flavour.

The tea doctor and his wife took us to Fulin Restaurant (福林), it was one of the best meals we had in Taiwan!

福林 Fulin

Website: http://fulin.mmmtravel.com.tw
Address: 南投縣鹿谷鄉興產路74-23號
Telephone: 049-2755145

We had a bamboo themed lunch. I love bamboo shoots, they are so delicious! Especially fresh ones.

筍香炒飯 Bamboo Fried Rice
Bamboo Shoot Cake 筍糕

Definitely a restaurant I’d come back to!

After visiting the tea doctor and his wife, and having lunch, we went to the Lugu Farmer’s Association (鹿谷鄉農會). There they had exhibitions for the history of tea and agriculture of this area.

Old Farming Tools

Neighbouring this building was a tea farm and some beautiful plants.

Tea Farm
Cherry Blossoms
Tea Flower Bud

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