Our Favourite Place in Taiwan – Hualien 花蓮 – Day 3

The last day in Hualien was really half a day in Hualien. We spent it bike riding and visiting a community garden.

It was an interesting garden, divided into sections: one for flowers, one for herbs, one for medicinal plants, one for water plants, a green house full of orchids, and a section for science (where they research different species of plants).

Warning: a lot of plant pictures coming up.

Pretty flowers!

To be honest, the herb garden was more of a mint garden. Check out all these different kinds of mints!

Apple Mint 蘋果薄荷
Pepper Mint 椒薄荷
Japanese Mint 日本薄荷
Julia Sweet Mint 茱莉雅甜薄荷
Chocolate Mint 巧克力薄荷
Pineapple Mint 鳳梨薄荷 (I think? I lost track.)

I love mint! Especially mint tea!

Here are some facts about mints:

  • Mints prefer moist, cool environment, and partial shade. Although, they are fairly tolerant.
  • Mints are invasive plants. Some species more than others.
  • Mints make good companion plants – repel pest insects, attract beneficial insects.
  • Mints can be harvest at anytime; as with most herbs use immediately or store it (dry it).
  • Mints can be used to repel mosquitoes (I didn’t know this! Must try it!).

Source: Wikipedia

Medicinal Herb Garden
Water Plants Garden

After visiting the gardens, we biked along the Chuyin bikeway to Chuyin Riverbank Ecology Park (初英親水生態公園). It was a nice bike ride! The farm fields, mountains on one side, ocean on the other – this is why Hualien is our favourite place in Taiwan!

Chuyin Riverbank Ecology Park 初英親水生態公園

Link to Chuyin Bikeway (初英自行車步道).

Of course, the perfect way to end our trip to Hualien was: yummy lunch box!

麗池便當 Lunch box from Lici

It was 100% better than the lunch box we got on the train.

Where we got our lunch boxes:
Telephone: 03-8342777
Address: 970 花蓮縣花蓮市中山路422之2號


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