Unique Restaurant in Hualien: Moon House 月盧

This was one of our favourite meals in Taiwan. The restaurant was on a hill (the view would be great if it wasn’t raining). The decor of the restaurant was a mix of Japanese and traditional Chinese style house. In one room, there were a number of traditional Chinese artefacts.

月盧 (Moon House)
Telephone: 03-8762206
Address: 花蓮縣鳳林鎮鳳鳴一路71號
Website: Moon House

老牛車 "Old Ox Cart"
錢櫃 (Old Day Till)

The owner of the restaurant (her family has owned this restaurant for two generations) wrote in the menus with Chinese calligraphy herself. The front of the menu contained one of her Chinese brush paintings and some of her paintings were also hung on the wall.

蒼蠅頭 Fly's Head: minced pork, garlic chives, spicy pepper.
三杯杏鮑菇 Three Cup King Oyster Musroom

What does the “three cup” refer to?

One cup of soy sauce.
One cup of sesame oil.
One cup of rice wine.

麻油山豬 Sesame Boar
炒檳榔花 Fried Betel Nut Flower

To me, nothing positive came to mind when I thought of betel nuts. But now, I have something positive to think of – the above dish. It was very tasty. It was served cold and refreshing!

So many people in Taiwan chew betel nuts. You see betel nut shops all along major streets/off highways, serving truck drivers/all-night drivers. The nuts give them energy. In my opinion, it’s a disgusting habit. Also, a major cause of oral cancer.

Anyway, the dishes at this restaurant were really delicious! We will definitely come back to this restaurant!


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