Fooding in Taipei: Beard Papa’s and 原燒 (BBQ)

The bus from Jiufen dropped us off at Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station (忠孝復興捷運站). One of the things I wrote on our “to-do” list for Taiwan was: EAT CREAM PUFFS AT BEARD PAPA’S! I wrote down all the locations of BP in Taipei (located in a lot of SOGOs). We got off the bus and looked across the street, lo and behold, it was SOGO – Zhongxiao Store! T couldn’t understand why I had to have some. I first read about it from A Dash of Zest. Then I looked it up on the internet. It was more curiosity that drove me to Beard Papa’s rather than craving.

Beard Papa's at SOGO 忠孝店 Zhongxiao Store

Can't wait to open the bag!


We bought one original and one strawberry. They were so good! Don’t worry, YW, you didn’t hype it up too much! Definitely heavenly!

You can find the locations on this page.

Although, I still don’t think it’s worth the drive into Pacific Mall (especially since I only come to Toronto on weekends and that’s the craziest time to be driving to PMall). I am curious to see if the cream puffs in PMall taste different than the ones we’ve had in Taiwan.

For dinner, my aunt (she is really a family friend but our families are really close; in the Chinese culture we call mom and dad’s friends aunts and uncles) took us out for dinner at Yuanshao (原燒):

This restaurant is owned by the same company as Tao Ban.


Fruit Yogurt Salad 水果優格沙拉; White Asparagus & Greens Salad 筊白筍青蔬沙拉; Springroll Salad 生春捲沙拉


Miso Soup 吟釀味噌湯; Garlic-Clam Soup 大蒜蛤蜊湯; Tomato Seafood Soup 蕃茄海鮮湯

I forgot to take pictures of other parts of the meal because we were really hungry. We didn’t eat much after our walk.

Since there were 5 of us, we decided to share the meat and seafood. We ordered the Yuanshao Beef Platter, Yuanshao Pork Platter and the Yuanshao Seafood Platter.

Hot Hot Coal!

The service was very good! Similar to Tao Ban. There was a guy basically in charge of coal and he was pretty good at wheeling them around. I would not be good for the job (I am pretty clumsy). They also changed the cooking rack when there was an accumulation of burnt pieces of food stuck on it.

They also gave you instructions on how to cook the food, which was good because we would have burned more food if we didn’t receive the “BBQ 101” course. The pork was hard to cook – we didn’t want to undercook it. We ended up with slightly brown pork, a lot of time.


Yuanshao Pork Platter 原燒豬肉拼盤

Yuanshao Seafood Platter 原燒海鮮拼盤

It was pretty fun! The meat was fresh and they gave you a variety of pork slices – not that I had any idea what they were. Again, make sure you are hungry when you come to these restaurants! By the time desserts came, I was stuffed.


Red bean soup with glutinous rice balls 桂花紅豆湯; Yuanshao Ice Cream 原燒冰淇淋; "White jade & Purple Rice" 白玉紫米

Overall rating for Yuanshao: ****.5/5
Salads were good. I enjoyed my fruit salad – fruits were fresh (one reason Taiwan is so awesome – so many different kinds of fruits and local fruits all year round). Soups were good. My miso soup was slightly on the salty side (but I generally don’t eat very salty things). Meat was fresh. Desserts were good. The fried spaghetti with ice cream was new and interesting. Service was excellent. Price was $598 NT (approx $20) per person. It was reasonable considering the amount of food we got. Of course, this was high-end compared to “regular” Taiwan eating.



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