Restaurant in Taipei: 極意 Shabu Shabu

This restaurant is owned by a family friend. She opened this a few years ago.

Address: 台北市忠孝東路四段216巷40弄7號(明曜百貨後面)
Telephone: 8773-4988
Type of food: “small” Japanese hot pots (aka Shabu Shabu)

The hot pots are Japanese-style and the sauce is as well. You get individual hot pots (which also includes desserts).

The place is tucked away in a little alleyway.

Shabu Shabu 極意涮涮鍋

The broth was flavourful and delicious! The portion was perfect for me. Price: about $260 NT per person (approx $8-9 CAD per person).

海鮮 Seafood Hot Pot

The price may be a little higher than other restaurants but the restaurant has a great atmosphere and good quality of food. For dessert, we had the handmade pudding. It was very good!

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