Eating in Taoyuan: 谷林 Teppanyaki and 佳樂 Cake King


Address: 永安店:桃園市永安路174號
Telephone: 03-2207300

My third aunt took us here for dinner (last night before leaving Taiwan). T had never been to teppanyaki before (at least not like this, when the chef cooks in front of you). The place offered meal for two. My aunt and uncle shared one meal for two, me and T shared one meal for two, and my mom (she wasn’t eating meat that day) had a vegetarian meal (which didn’t have much except mushrooms and bean sprouts). We shared some of our asparagus with her.

The rice, soup and drinks were unlimited. Dessert was also included (I think they only have ice cream).

Someone posted in more detail about this restaurant:

Rating: ***.5.5
The food was decent. The service was ok. The price: $560 NT (approx $18.50 CAD) per two people.

Instead of having ice cream for dessert, my aunt treated us to some cakes from 佳樂 (Cake King).
Address: 桃園市民生路124號

Technically, my aunt bought “pie” for us: Boston Pie.

Also famous pineapple cakes (鳳梨酥):

Pineapple Cake 鳳梨酥

The pie was delicious – quite creamy. The packaging alone, for the pineapple cakes, was impressive! They don’t add any preservatives in the cakes, so they only keep for 2 weeks. I heard, though, this place is not as good as Sunny Hills (微熱山丘).


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