Walk to fight Arthritis

For my birthday this year, I am participating in the Arthritis Society: Walk to Fight Arthritis – Kitchener, Ontario.

Date: Sunday, May 15, 2011 (my birthday!)
Location: Bingemans, 425 Bingemans Centre Drive
Walk Distance: 5 km

Last year, I did the World Partnership Walk. This year T and I decided to support a cause closer to our hearts. Also, to use this opportunity to learn more about this arthritis and inform others of it.


  • consists of more than 100 different conditions (can be anything from mild forms of tendinitis to crippling systemic forms, such as rheumatoid;
  • there are forms of arthritis, such as gout, and there are other conditions – like osteoarthritis;
  • it’s not just a disease of the old, some forms of arthritis appear in young children (and even babies);
  • the common denominator of all these conditions is joint and musculoskeletal pain; often the pain is a result of inflammation of the joint lining;
  • no one knows what causes arthritis, though clues have been discovered;
  • it’s important that diagnosis is established early and therapies start early in the process.

Where does the money from this fundraising event go?
They will fund leading-edge arthritis research and programs and services that support people living with the disease.

We are registered under the team name Bamboo Bandits. This is our team page.

If you have time on Sunday, May 15, 2011 join us on our walk. Register under Bamboo Bandits. (E-mail me and I will send you the password.) No minimum fee, walkers are encouraged to raise $100.

Or you can support us. Our team goal is $2300. Help us reach our goal!
My personal page
You can also sponsor my team members through the team page.

Thank you for your support!

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