Cool summer Japanese meal: chilled soba with sauce

This is my favourite meal to have on hot summer days: chilled soba with sauce + tofu/a protein dish. On those days, I just don’t feel like cooking much and eating much. This time we made miso soup, cold soba with soba sauce, and green tea ice cream. Sometimes, instead of miso soup, I make tempura or teriyaki chicken or cold tofu with some soy sauce, bonito flakes and green onion.

You can make the soba sauce from scratch but it’s pretty hard to obtain some of the ingredients in Kitchener-Waterloo. I bought the sauce from a grocery store, New City Supermarket.

With the sauce, I added some chopped green onion and grated 山藥 (I believe the English for it is: Dioscorea opposita/Japanese yam), also obtained from New City Supermarket. I also added a bit of wasabi to the sauce to give it a little “zing”.

This Japanese yam has a slimy texture, kind of like okra.

Soba is buckwheat in Japanese. It’s commonly used to refer to Japanese buckwheat noodles. We normally have a chilled with soba sauce (above). This is a recipe that my brother’s art teacher shared with us.

You can buy this at New City or other grocery stores (I’ve seen it at certain Zehrs stores).

To finish the meal off, we made some matcha ice cream (recipe shared by my student).

It’s sort of a “short cut” to making matcha ice cream. You need 1 tbsp of matcha powder, 2 tbsp of water and about 2 cups of vanilla ice cream. Mix the powder with water in a bowl, mix well. Then add about 1/2 cup of ice cream to the matcha mixture, mix well, and gradually add more.

* the main problem with this is you need to “de-frost” it a little before you can scoop (after you put it back in the freezer)


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