What are we teaching children?

Sometimes I can read on the bus/train/plane, sometimes it makes me nauseous. So, instead, I observe passengers.

On our way to Montréal, there was a mom and son looking for seats together on the train. The train was sold out that day. A lady on the train let this mom and son sit together.

Mom said: Say thank you to the nice lady.
Young boy said: Thank you nice lady!

This was followed by chuckles on the train car.

A few weeks ago, I was on the bus and observed two different moms sitting next to each other.

Mom 1
She caught my eyes because her daughter was yelling for her and she seemed to be ignoring it by adjusting settings on her iPod and putting earphones in her ears. Later, she stuffed a candy (looked like Skittles) in her daughter’s mouth. The daughter made a face and took the candy out of her mouth, indicating that she didn’t want it and clearly not enjoying it. The mom just said, “throw it on the floor.”

Mom 2
On the same bus, sitting right behind Mom 1, was a mom carrying her son. The son was sleeping. She was very careful when the bus was turning, protecting the son’s head. A bottle was rolling around on the bus floor, she reached down and picked it up to throw away.

Children pick up so much from observing people around them.


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