Arepas and Guasacaca

Inspired by our trip to Montréal.

The two things I wanted to make after the trip: pupusas and arepas. Oh, and guasacaca!

Got myself some masa harina from Zehrs:

I followed the instructions on the package to make the dough for arepas,

We also made some tortilla chips:

Final product – arepa!

For the filling, we had:

  • fried plantains
  • leftover roast beef fried with some cumin and cayenne pepper
  • black bean with green peppers – fried with spices
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • sour cream
  • guasacaca – recipe and the only thing I changed was not adding cilantro; I am part of the group that taste something strong in cilantro

It was an awesome meal! A bit messy but a fun meal!



  1. Ahh, maseca! Brings me back to when I was in Honduras. My host mother would make the most delicious corn tortillas and we’d eat it with refried beans and plaintains, or use it to make papusas. Delish!

    • Did you learn to cook papusas? Is it pupusa or papusa? I guess it might depend on where you are. Did you learn to make tortilla? Because, I sure could use some tips. Mine turn out ok, but falls apart easily when I try to make it thin.

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