Kauai: It’s impossible to not be lazy!

The first thing that I noticed when we landed in Kauai was: wow, it’s warm (and windy). The wind prevented the island from being really hot.

I was very excited to bust out shorts, capris, t-shirts, tank tops, skirts, and dresses!

The second thing I noticed was: what a crazy island (in terms of weather)!

It’s generally sunny and hot during the day. However, you would get these spots of rainy-ness and these only lasted for a few seconds (to not more than a couple of minutes). A lot of times, our condo will be dry and sunny, but the condo next to us will be in the rain (but sunny).

It did give us chances to spot out some nice rainbows, though!

Lastly, there were a lot of wild chickens running around Kauai. It was hard not to notice them. They were like the pigeons & squirrels of Toronto.

Of course, I had to know the reason, so I looked it up online (the information was also confirmed by our guide, Martin, from Allerton Garden).

When Hurricane Iniki hit Kauai in 1992, many chicken farms were destroyed and the domestic chickens were released into the wild. Now they roam free throughout the island and are becoming a problem, since there are no natural predators for these chickens.

Can people hunt these chickens? If the chickens are on public property or “in the wild”, then they are considered “jungle fowl” and are protected (Department of Land and Natural Resources). If they wandered into your yard, then they are fair game. Forum regarding Kauai Chicken

It sure didn’t feel like Christmas in Kauai. There were Christmas lights on palm trees, Santa & snowman decoration on some people’s yards and in major shopping areas, but it just didn’t feel like Christmas without the snow. Although, we didn’t miss the snow. We knew it would be waiting for us at home.

It was a vacation that we all needed: a relaxing, warm vacation. My husband and I have never had tropical beach vacation before this. It was impossible to not be lazy in Kauai. Our daily routine consisted of getting up, having breakfast, go to the beach for a bit, come back for lunch, take an afternoon nap, and cooking/going out for dinner. Occasionally we went on excursions: scuba diving, car trips around the island, visiting Allerton Garden, and hiking. I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life.

In general, I feel guilty for being lazy. But, I shouldn’t because I work hard and I am always doing something. I definitely feel that I want to slow down and concentrate on “non-doing”. I haven’t been doing enough of that these days. Wherever You Go There You Are

Being in Kauai helped me achieve this. I couldn’t do anything for work (since I was in a different place), I didn’t worry about “planning things” because the point of our vacation was not to see EVERYTHING but to relax and spend time with family. I was able to “just be there”. I was fully in Kauai.

The trick for me is being able to do this without “going anywhere”.

As I sort through the pictures in the next few days, I want to share some of our adventures in Kauai (and hopefully some useful tips for visiting Kauai).


  1. Your description of Kauai reminds me of when we lived in Florida. You could count on rain about noontime each day for a few minutes. After hurricane Andrew hit Miami, we had parrots in all the trees. They escaped from Parrot Jungle and now live wild all over the Miami area. And it never seemed like Christmas, because it was so warm. It sounds like a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Happy New Year.

    • I wonder how that is affecting Miami? People in Kauai are annoyed by the incessant crowing, but what do you do? I guess you try to co-exist as best as possible.

      Happy New Year to you!

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