Tea Chicken Experiment 3 茶葉雞 3

The obsession with tea chicken started in 2008, when my then-boyfriend-now-husband and I went to Taiwan for a visit. My grandaunt took us to 阿三全筍餐館 (A-San) for lunch after hiking in 溪頭 (Xitou). (Re: Tea Chicken 茶葉雞: Experiment 1)

We’ve been saving up Oolong (烏龍茶) tea leaves (they were good for 7 steeps; we normally don’t have *that* much tea, so we’ve saved them up, dried them, and put them in the fridge).

I’ve been using these leaves to try to make tea chicken. This is attempt number three. (Re: Tea Chicken Experiment 2 – 茶葉雞 2)

It was not the same as A-San’s tea chicken, but it tasted good. I can’t seem to make the tea flavour stronger in the chicken. Any suggestions?

Essentially this was what I did this time: boil the chicken in tea water, fry the chicken in “tea oil”, and add tea-flavoured sauce when cooking.

I boiled a pot full of water, then added some tea leaves (about a cup or so). Let it steep for several minutes. Use the water to boil the chicken drumsticks. Discard the liquid. Soak the chicken in another pot of tea water for a couple of hours.

Fry dried tea leaves in oil. Let the tea flavour soak through the oil for a couple of hours.

Use a bit of this “tea oil” and tea water to make a sauce. This part I found difficult because I didn’t want to add anything that would overpower the tea flour, but I wanted the sauce to be thick. Suggestions? I ended up adding a bit of soy paste (醬油膏) and soy sauce.

Heat up “tea oil” in a frying pan. When it’s hot, add the drumsticks. Fry the drumsticks until the sides are brown and crisp. Add the tea-soy-sauce sauce and cook for a couple of minutes.



  1. I have never heard of chicken prepared like this. So many delicious ways of cooking in our world just waiting to be discovered. The wonderful world of bloggers brings them to us.

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