Plants and Scuba Diving: Things I Look Forward to in the Summer Months

There are so many things to look forward to in the spring and summer months: plants, beginning of scuba diving season, various festivals, fruit-picking, and lot of fresh, organic produce from Transpire Organic.

In terms of growing plants, this year I am not doing the crazy experiment of tomato-growing (re: last year’s tomato adventures – see picture below).

My tomato plant that grew to the ceiling and produced pea-sized tomato. (above two pictures)

I learned about the terms determinate versus indeterminate tomatoes from Back Road Journal. From what I’ve read over the internet, indeterminate tomatoes grow tall and require a lot of support; they also set new fruit and ripen fruit throughout the season. Determinate tomatoes are more compact and all tomatoes ripen at around the same time.

This year I am starting with these herbs: parsley (from last year), basil (from last year), dill, and Thai basil. My plan is to have some Thai chilli pepper, rosemary, and maybe some chard again. I would also like to look into getting some mint. These will be enough for our tiny apartment balcony.

I love watching my babies grow everyday and look forward to when they become “adult plants”. My husband does not share the same level of enthusiasm as me.

Scuba diving in Ontario is another activity I am looking to. Last Saturday, Tri-City Scuba organized an event to celebrate the beginning of the dive season. After talking with some of the experienced divers, I am looking forward to exploring Ontario water. Some of the places that we are hoping to investigate are Brockville (supposedly the Caribbean of Canada) and Gulliver’s Lake.

Tobermory is somewhere I would like to try diving, however it seems too cold for me. As I mentioned in Every End is a New Beginning, we did our Open Water exit dives at Innerkip last October. It was very cold, but we did it. I don’t plan on doing that (being extremely cold underwater) again.

When I finished my Open Water certification, I wasn’t thinking about the “next steps” in my dive training. My next steps were to enjoy diving and get some experience. After talking to a diving friend and some of our instructors, my husband and I are thinking of doing our Advanced Open Water training. There are a number of specialities that interest us. Digital Underwater Photographer and Peak Performance Buoyancy are the two most interesting ones. Drift Dive would be good to do especially if we want to dive in Brockville.

Our instructors and many experienced divers warned us: the most dangerous thing about diving is getting addicted. They were right.

Pumping in warm water before our dive. It felt good to be warm (at least for that little bit of time).


  1. We have rosemary seeds! Next time we meet up maybe we can do a seed swap – I’ll bring everything we have, and you can bring everything you have?

  2. I love your tomato success story! I am sure it was super delicious though 🙂 Best of luck with the growing herbs – I love them fresh in the summer too!

  3. I hope all of your seedlings are doing really well. I’m sure that you will have healthy plants for the summer season. Thank you for the link.

    • Thanks! I look forward to them. I am having a problem with my basil plant – spider mites. Any suggestions? I am spraying it with dish soap. Doesn’t seem like it’s working though.

      • Spider mites are so hard to get rid of. Since you will be eating the basil, I think your only answer is spraying with soapy water.

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