OCAD Grad Show 2012

Last Saturday was OCAD’s Grad Show. My brother is graduating this year as an illustrator. He was one of the students displaying his thesis.

This is his website.
And this is his thesis project: Life’s Fair.

I think he did an awesome job for his thesis. Although I am slightly biased.

Other displays that caught my eye were:

JuJu Hung’s Cupicle – in particular how she displayed her work.

Emily Taylor’s Deliciously Disturbed.

Ness Lee’s I Don’t Speak Chinese. I also liked her idea of printing her business cards on wood.

Meredith Sadler’s Divine Vice. She also had a creative way of displaying her work.

Anita Thai’s Changing Your Stripes.

Theresa Shain’s Re: Play. I enjoyed in particular the Waldo/Google illustration.

Kash’s Contrarietic Tendencies.

I was impressed with the illustration exhibits. They were my favourite.

We did also visit the industrial design, environmental design, photography, and sculpture exhibits. There were some neat ideas in industrial and environmental design. We also had quite the adventure trying to get to different areas of the building by stairs.

Congratulations graduates!


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