Does it feel different?

Cristina: Did you feel different? You know, after you scribbled on the post-it? I mean, you’re supposed to feel different, right?
Meredith: Oh, well, it takes time. Give it some time.
Cristina: I mean, your marriage is filled with secrets and felons. I mean, why am I asking your advice?

Is it supposed to feel very different? Every couple is different.

We didn’t feel different, really. I think maybe it was because we survived:

  • Moving to England and living together there for a year – also my first year of teaching, I was pretty stressed;
  • Visiting Taiwan together: visiting family and touring the whole island;
  • Many trips taken together;
  • Living and working out life stuff together for many years.

All of these indicated that we can work together in stressful situations and really enjoy each other’s presence. We already felt like we were committed and ready to take on anything that came our way (prior to the “official marriage”).

For our one-year marriage celebration/my birthday, we went to Stratford (where we had the civil ceremony).

We saw two plays: 42nd Street and The Matchmaker.

42nd Street was ok, in our opinion. It was a typical musical with fun music; however there were parts in the second segment that didn’t quite fit in. We were also expecting more from the main female character in terms of character development.

I really enjoyed The Matchmaker. It was funny and very entertaining. I love Seana McKenna (saw her last year in Richard III) and Tom McCamus (Hook in Peter Pan and he was also in Dangerous Liaisons). These two performers complemented each other very well. Other notable actors/actresses were Mike Shara, Laura Condlln, Josh Epstein, and Andrea Runge. If you are looking for a lot of laughs, this is the show to see.

For supper, we went to The Parlour. I reviewed the restaurant last year and pointed out an error in their menu. The owner promptly responded and sent me a gift certificate (one reason for our re-visiting). It had also been one of our favourite restaurants to go to for fancy supper in Stratford.

The Parlour
101 Wellington Street
Stratford, Ontario
519-271-2772 or 1-877-728-4036

Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding

The food was delicious. I enjoyed every single bite. It definitely lived up to the occasion.

Lobster and Chorizo Linguini with Peas in Tarragon Sauce

I am going to try to re-create this sauce, it was the perfect amount of creaminess and I liked the flavour of tarragon.

Lemon Pudding Cake with Orange Sorbet

The orange sorbet went really well with the lemon pudding cake.



  1. “All of these indicated that we can work together in stressful situations and really enjoy each other’s presence.” Seeing as how over 50% of marriage is stressful situations, I would purport that you and the Mr. are well on your way to a long, happy marriage. I always tell my friends who are still single and starting to feel the time-crunch: “Remember, you have you to like them, too. Like, more than love, is the essence of marriage.”

    Blessings to you both!

    ~ Cara

    • Thanks Cara! 🙂

      Those words are so true. My parents also encouraged me to live with the other person before marrying, that way you can know “how to live with each other”. It’s rare among Asian parents.

  2. In the end, it’s just a piece of paper and has no impact on how well you two will get on – so for all intents and purposes you two were already bound. And it’s that love and patience that matters – so you’re set! 😉

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