Walking in Ontario: Spencer Gorge (Tew’s Fall)/Webster’s Fall

This was our first hike of summer 2012. Another goal of ours is to do as much “walking in Ontario” as possible. We miss our walking days in Kent. The Queen’s highway was a great thing for us. Hiking in Ontario is not the same, but with some similar traits.

Unfortunately the trail down to Webster’s Fall was closed when we were there.

Many lovely flowers along the way.
Tew’s Fall
Tew’s Fall with Rainbow
Lookout point along the trail.
Turns out we are not too far from civilization.
We pass under this rail road so many times when going to Dundas, Ontario.
Under Webster’s Fall. The water level is very low.
Webster’s Fall
Webster’s Fall
There’s Hamilton!
A bucket in the forest.
A tunnel of some sort
Some wild raspberries!

I always feel so relaxed when hiking. I think it’s because you are not at your desk thinking about work or things you have to do around the house. Also, being in a forest of green is very calming.

What do you like to do to get away from “it all”? If you like hiking/walking, where is your favourite place to go?


  1. The hike in Spencer Gorge seems like a really nice one. Nothing like getting out there, is there? Hiking is definitely a way to get away from it all, particularly overnight hiking. I don’t have a favourite place, though, I like to explore new places all the time.

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