Wedding Season: Ribbon Rose Bouquet

I learned how to make these roses in high school. Although, I believe my Aunt Betty was the person who first taught me how to make these roses. In high school, someone re-taught me the roses for a fundraising event.

This video gives you an idea of how to make the roses:

A close friend of mine from high school had asked me to be her “florist” (and also helping out on the day of the wedding). Her and I had made these ribbon roses together before. She had some leftover ribbon roses and wanted to use them for her wedding.

I saved most of the pre-made roses (some where too flattened to be used) and made her “throwing bouquet” out of it. I found assembling the bouquets challenging because the roses were “soft” and often were squished. Attaching leaves to the roses helped a bit and prevented the roses from squishing each other.

After assembling the bouquets, some rearranging was needed to make the shape the bouquet round instead of flat on the top.

Because the bride’s dress had some bead work on it, I wanted to include beads in the “bride bouquet”. This blog post gave me some ideas of how to make the beads. These “bead trees” added some elegance to the bouquet.

I chose red and white for the groom’s boutonnière because white represents the traditions of a Western marriage (groom) and red represents the traditions of a Chinese marriage (bride).

I consulted many pictures online and many YouTube videos, including this one, before making the boutonnières. Also important: How to Pin a Boutonnière. Instead of the wiring, I used floral picks that were given to me by the bride.

For the best man’s boutonnière, I used a purple rose to match the maid of honour’s dress and a neutral-coloured rose to match the rest of the corsages and boutonnières.

Most of the corsages were shoulder corsages. I made one wrist corsage in case someone was wearing a dress that could not be pinned. You can buy a corsage holder from Michael’s.

To make the corsages different than the boutonnières, I attached ribbon bows and some of my bead trees. Here is a video on how to make ribbon bows.

It was a fun project! And the best thing is that you can keep these flowers for a long time.



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