Camping in Ontario: Long Point Provincial Park, Campsite #350

One of the reasons I like camping is being able to look up at the sky and see the stars. The universe is fascinating. After watching BBC’s Wonders of the Universe, I am even more intrigued by stars.

I also love being to get away from everything, sit around the camp fire, and just stare at the fire. Due to the nature of my job, my mind is constantly working (on many things at once). It is good to remove myself from it all and be in a place where I can just enjoy the warmth of the fire and stare at the glow of camp fire.

Our somewhat annual camping trip started five years ago when I met my then-boyfriend-now-husband. It was a birthday camping trip. This year it happened to fall on his birthday again.

His friend JD and him planned this trip and decided on Long Point (close to Ste. Catharine’s). The campground is neat because of its location. It is like a big mound of sand.

Our campsite (#350) was great. It was huge (we had a lot of space between the 5 of us) and it had some grassed area (compare to most other campsites which only had sand). It was also close to the beach, water source, and the bathroom.

We were lucky to have great weather for the whole weekend. It was cold at night, though. Bring sweaters and warm socks when camping mid-September – this will provide you with a more comfortable sleep.

Each year, we are more adventurous in terms of camp food. During our last camping trip, we made “vegetable pouches” from aluminium foil – cut up vegetables, butter, and salt and pepper. Cook them on the fire for 15-20 minutes. They are very delicious and simple to make.

The food invention this year is bacon and s’more surprise, by JD.

Dark chocolate (the 99% was on sale and we wanted to try it, so that was what we used)
Graham crackers

Roll bacon around a marshmallow and a piece of dark chocolate. Wrap in aluminium foil. Cook on camp fire for 15 minutes.

The marshmallow caramelized and disappeared. So before we served it, we stuck in a fresh marshmallow and sandwiched the roll between two graham crackers.

It tasted good, surprisingly; however, not the world’s healthiest snack and I would not be able to eat more than one of these “surprises”.

What are some of your favourite camping food?


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