my furry and not-so-furry companions

Several weeks ago, we decided to foster for the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society. I have been volunteering for them for a while and they needed volunteers’ help with fostering because of the ringworm breakout. The situation is improving.

We have decided to adopt this little furry companion. My husband has also forbid me from fostering unless we want to adopt because he knows we will end up adopting all the cats we foster.

Meet Mulo (full name: Cumulonimbus), the newest addition to our household.

I have never had a furry pet before. I had always thought my first one will be a dog. My cat allergy prevented me from enjoying the company of cats for the longest time. After living for a week at my now-in-laws’ house, my cat allergy became less severe. As long as I washed my hands after petting cats and avoided having cats in the bedroom, I was fine. Tigger, the sweetest orange cat I had ever known, was a catalyst in the process of me becoming more of a cat person.

Like a lot of children, my first pets were goldfishes: Magic and Genie. My mom is not a pet person. She has never had a pet in her life and she is perfectly happy to live without having one. She was ok with me having goldfishes as long as I cleaned up after them.

Then my best friend, LM, introduced me to hermit crabs. I got Clypea when I started university. Clypea was a good companion; however, the moving back and forth between home and school was too stressful for her.

My last pet was Butter, a red-eared slider. He was a birthday gift from my good friends from university. I would love to get a turtle some day but when I am more prepared. Turtles require the correct equipments and a more stable environment (compared to my university life). Sadly, Butter died of pneumonia.

I guess one of the morals of the story is only get a pet if you are in a position of taking good care of your furry or not-so-furry companions. And also, as nice as it may be, please do not give pets as gifts (unless the person is there with you) because you have no idea how many animals are brought to the humane society for that reason.

However, we are happy with Mulo and we believe she is happy living with us. I think we made the right decision.



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