Pizza with Beet Green Pesto & Pizza with Beets as Topping

December has been a busy month with many gatherings with family and friends. I am happy to have had the opportunity to get together with some of my family and many friends.


I wish my family is closer. This year, my immediate family spent Christmas in four locations: Regina, Kitchener, Fujian (China), and Xihu (Taiwan). However, I will see them in March. I am looking forward to that.


I hosted a get together with my friends from university. Some of these friends wanted to meet the newest member of our family: Cumulonimbus (Mulo). It was a Assemble Your Own Pizza get-together. The preparation did not take long. I provided the toppings and made the dough. My friend S ended being the person who rolled out all of the dough. This way people can make their pizza the way they like it.


The recipe for the dough:

The recipe came with my stand mixer, which is similar to this recipe (except for one change: after you brush the pan with oil, sprinkle some cornmeal on the pan, this creates that gritty texture on the dough). It is amazing how easy it is to make pizza dough with a stand mixer! The mixer is definitely working hard this Christmas season: pizza dough, ginger bread cookies, German Christmas cookies, and the 6 dozen cookies for my work’s cookie exchange.

Toppings for pizza:

  • mushrooms
  • chorizo sausage
  • green pepper
  • bacon
  • chicken strips
  • black olives
  • spicy pepper
  • asiago cheese

Pizza Sauce:

For the general tomato pizza sauce, I mix together tomato paste, water, Italian spices, and minced garlic until I get the right consistency for pizza sauce.

On a related note, I have been experimenting with other non-traditional flavours in pizza:

Beet Green Pesto Pizza Sauce
For our last couple of CSA share from Transpire Organic, we got a lot of beets. I wanted to try something different with beet greens. This was inspired by this recipe. Instead of walnuts, I used pistachios and instead of walnut oil, I used olive oil. I used some of the pesto for a pasta dish and froze the rest in smaller portions to use later (on a pizza). I do prefer tomato sauce on pizza, but pesto sauce goes well with chicken on pizza.

I also tried putting beets on pizza as topping. I love beets and would put it on most things; however, my husband did not think much of the beets on pizza.



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