Roasted Chicken Stuffed With Beets


This weekend, we had some time to take care of house stuff (i.e. raking leaves, cleaning, and doing more basement renovation-related things) and I was able to play in my kitchen. I filled the house with smell of cookies, roasted chicken, and homemade spaghetti sauce.

Ever since I was introduced to beets, I became very interested in exploring different ways of using beets (for example, beet-zza). My husband laughs at my beet adventures. My favourite, so far, is pickled beets.


I wondered about roasted chicken stuffed with beets – in particular, if the beets will pick up the flavour of the chicken. (And secretly, I also was thinking maybe the beets will turn the chicken purple/red!)

I used the Juicy Roasted Chicken recipe from Two things I changed from this recipe: (1) I roasted the chicken for about two hours instead of the stated time, as suggested by a reviewer; and (2) I rubbed margarine and herbs underneath the skin of the chicken in addition to seasoning the exterior of the chicken. Oh, and I cut up half of my mother-in-law’s giant beet and stuffed the diced beet pieces in the cavity.


Using dripping from the pan, flour, water, salt, and pepper, I made some gravy for the chicken. We served the chicken with roasted potatoes and coleslaw.


I was disappointed because the beets didn’t really absorb the chicken flavour (and my chicken was not totally purplish-red, hehe). The gravy did have a nice purple/red tone to it. Nonetheless, it was a delicious chicken dinner.



  1. I think you are were very clever to try stuffing the chicken with beets. I’m sure it was very good but too bad it didn’t turn out like you were expecting.

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