Wedding Season: Money Box


A good friend of mine tied the knot with her love previous Saturday. They had a beautiful church ceremony in North York and an awesome wedding reception at Old Mill Inn in Toronto.

I had the pleasure of being involved in the planning process and also working with one of the best bridesmaid team! (I also learned quite a bit about traditions in Chinese weddings.) The thing I enjoyed making the most was the money box.


  • 3 boxes – I got these storage boxes from Michaels that were plain in colour so I can paint over them; they happened to be on sale when I went there, I am sure you can find suitable boxes elsewhere
  • Acrylic paint – I decided to use paint instead of wrapping paper because I thought it would be easier to paint rather than wrap
  • Ribbons – I used thick ribbons to make the flowers based on these ideas: Making a Large Three-Layer Red Ribbon Flower Brooch Step by Step and Ribbon Flowers.
  • Ribbon for the bow on top – How to Make a Bow Out of Ribbon
  • “Diamond” ribbons – I found some at Michaels with sticky back so that you just have to peel and attach (that’s what’s on the small box) but I didn’t by enough; however, when I went back they ran out so I got non-adhesive ones and used double-sided tape
  • Glue gun and inserts
  • Little “diamond” gemstone pieces to stick in the middle of the flowers

I found that it worked well to cut the slots and pieces before painting. I glued the lid on for the first box and bottom box. I left the second box and its lid un-glued (the silver paint seemed to hold it together pretty good; whereas the blue boxes, the lids would easily fall off). It also worked out that when people had really big envelopes, we could just open the second box and stick it inside.

Here is the final product:



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