Fruitful Summer

This summer seems like it has gone by very fast. I have been keeping busy with finishing up home renovations (mostly moral support for my husband rather than physical support), gardening, visiting parts of Atlantic Canada with family, and preparing for the new member of family (due to arrive in November).

My Disorganized Garden
My Disorganized Garden

The planning aspect of my first vegetable garden was affected by morning sickness and first trimester tiredness. As a result, my garden is very “messy” but it has yielded a lot of beans. More is coming: tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, peas, and beets!

Harvest: cucumber, peas, beans, tomatoes!
Harvest: cucumber, peas, beans, tomatoes!

Ever since the beginning of this pregnancy, fruit has been my best friend. I still eat 2-3 apples a day. The Kitchener Farmer’s Market is great for this because I go through a bushel of apples in about a month. Aside from eating fruit in its natural form, crisps and pies were also a big part of our summer.

Recipe from Smitten Kitchen - Apple Crisp
Recipe from Smitten Kitchen – Apple Crisp

While in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, we felt like we were in seafood heaven. Seafood (fruits de mer in French) in Ontario will never be the same. Luckily, we found a place in Kitchener called The T&J Seafood Store. They have fresh seafood (prices are not bad for fresh seafood in Ontario).

A collection of the wonderful fruits de mer dishes in Nova Scotia and PEI (plus one for PEI potatoes):

There were several places we didn’t get around to see. We will return!

For now, time to settle down and get ready for the new arrival.


  1. Ming…I’m so excited for you, your husband and your family. You all must be so excited to be having a baby. Congratulations! BTW, I don’t think your garden is messy at all. 😀

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