My Cloth Diapering Experience So Far

My husband and I decided that we would try cloth diapering. We heard that it did not always work out for people, but I was pretty determined to make it work.

My sister-in-law had given us some prefolds, diaper covers, and liners from Bummis, which helped with the starting costs. I wanted to try washing diapers on our own first before exploring other options.

What I started with:

I didn’t start cloth diapering right away as we had so much to figure out during the first couple of weeks and I didn’t have the energy. We started cloth diapering a couple of weeks after BM was born. We were cloth diapering during the day and disposables at night, to make the transition easier for me. BM started developing a rash. We didn’t know what contributed to the rash. We were changing the diapers often and making sure his bum was dried before putting new diapers on. We went back to disposables for a while and used Zincofax. The rash went away eventually.

I also re-washed the diapers because I read that it could be because of residue on the cloth.

We tried cloth again after his rash went away completely. Two days later, a rash appeared again. We went back to disposables. I read online that Bummis provided excellent troubleshooting support. So I contacted Bummis. Shirley, the representative I talked to, was great; she e-mailed me a list of questions to answer so that we could narrow down the problem. Her conclusion was that it was not because the diapers were not properly washed. Some babies just need some sort of moisture barrier cream.

Just like everything else, every baby is different. What works for us might not work for other babies, but this is our system:

  • We wash our diapers with Nellie’s Laundry Soda
  • Fleece liner – I bought 20 of these and they work very well at keeping the moisture from BM’s bum
  • Coconut oil – this is our moisture barrier cream; an added bonus: baby smells great! (Thanks to my friend Lauren for the idea.)
  • Wash cloth with warm water instead of wipes
  • Dry wash cloth on the change table to dry BM’s bum if there is no time for air drying
  • As much “naked bum time” for BM as possible (since he’s outgrown the preemie prefolds, I’ve been using these to cover BM during naked bum time to prevent “accidents”)
  • Bikini Twist (with Snappis) for the prefold works really well for us and is less bulky

I found the Super Whisper Diaper Covers too bulky (it was hard to find sleepers that was big around bum but not too loose in other areas). I really like the Simply Lite covers. It is a nicer fit and easily adjusted to fit your baby (up to 35 lb).

As for nighttime diapering, since BM has been sleeping longer at night, I needed a solution for overnight diapering. Bummis’ Dimple Diaper answered that call. While it is super absorbent and its material is excellent, it is pricey and very big on BM (who is 12-13 lb right now) – which doesn’t seem to bother him.

It definitely takes time and patience to figure things out (which is true for other aspect of raising a baby). If you run into issues with Bummis, do not hesitate to contact them. They are great at providing support!

Edited: Another reason why I love Bummis is that the diapers are made in Canada.


    • I know a few parents who have had troubles with rashes and the internet has definitely helped me with finding information, re: cloth diapering (and other aspects of baby and life)… so it seems reasonable to give back. 🙂

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