My Experience with Midwives


When I found out that I was pregnant, I wanted a midwife. I was fortunate to be able to get one – relatively healthy pregnancy and low-risk. Luckily, my husband was very supportive. My parents (and a few others) were skeptical (but mostly because many of them did not know much about midwives). For them, midwives meant either home birth or crazy ladies with jars of grass on shelves and based their knowledge on their feelings.

Myths of Midwifery

If you are like me, here is an article in Traditional Chinese to show your family re: midwife care.

Like ARMS, I am quoting Ontario Midwives:

“Ontario midwives provide care under a model and philosophy which includes the belief that women have the right to make informed choices.

Midwives provide complete care from early pregnancy to six weeks after labour to you and your baby. You will have a team of up to four midwives who are responsible for your care until you give birth. Two of these midwives will most likely be at your birth.

Midwives are able to attend births at home and in a hospital. Pregnant people in Ontario under the care of a midwife choose where to give birth. Your midwife will assess your health needs and provide information to ensure you can make a safe and informed decision about where to have your baby.”

I contacted Genesis Midwives and Kitchener Waterloo Midwifery Associates
when I found out I was pregnant. I was lucky that both of these clinics were accepting patients. I chose Genesis because of their location (near our house) and also one of our friends was with them already. I read good things about both midwife clinics.

Our midwife, Sheryl, was amazing. Both my husband and I appreciated her calm demeanour, her way of explaining things to us (she was very good at using analogies or examples), her non-judgemental-ness (she would present information to us from different aspects -facts and numbers, not based on her “feelings”- and allow us to choose; we never felt pressured), her professionalism, and her sense of humour. Having a midwife was an interesting experience in that you develop a sense of closeness with your midwife in such a short time yet it was also a professional relationship.


We decided to do a hospital birth. My husband was not comfortable with home birth; I didn’t have a strong preference either way. During birth, my husband provided physical support (his poor hands) and Sheryl provided verbal support. Her words helped me go through birth. They were simple but I needed those reminders. It was a quick birth (went to hospital, 4 hours later BM was born, 4 hours later we were home). Having gone through this experience made me realize that every birth is different (all of those books talking about relaxing between contractions did not help me as there was not a lot of time between contractions for me). Anyway, Sheryl’s calmness definitely helped me during labour (as well as what I had been practising during Prenatal Water Yoga class with Marilyn – being calm and breathing). I am not sure but maybe the chiropractic care with Dr. Heick also helped with this process. Sheryl also provided suggestions along the way and most of them worked well for me. She seemed to provide the right suggestion at the right time.

My husband, baby, and I really appreciated the post-partum care. They made home visits, which was easier on us (new parents, no idea what we were doing and sleep-deprived). Sky at Genesis was especially helpful with breastfeeding (something so natural that you think should be so easy, but definitely not easy for everybody!). We were really happy with the personal care provided (being a new mom, I had A LOT of questions). BM was also so calm every time the midwife visited. I also liked that we could page them if we had more urgent questions.

I also appreciate the fact that at every visit or appointment, Sheryl would specifically ask me how I was doing or feeling. The focus of mom’s health and rights was definitely at the top for them.

I would definitely recommend Genesis Midwives (although Sheryl was our primary midwife, we met others and they were all great!). I definitely recommend getting a midwife if that is an option for you. And hey, if this is something that is not for you, you can always switch to an OB along the way.


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