What I Have Learned So Far


Being a parent has taught me:

  • People will always have an opinion about how you will raise your child.
  • There are tons of theories out there about different aspects of child rearing and the Internet seems to make it more stressful. I realized that, while it is good to know different ideas, ultimately you should do what works for you and your family. There is no “right answer” (except for obviously dangerous things you should not do like hold baby only by his or her foot or something like that).
  • Embrace every moment (although not baby-specific). As my husband said, “before you know it, he would be surly teenager.”
  • This is me-specific: I am definitely a project-oriented person. Even though I had “Project Baby”, I needed my own project.
  • It is ok to say “I am not ready”. People have asked me about leaving baby for longer periods of time & pumping. I am not ready for that yet – I am lucky that I am able to breastfeed and I really enjoy my time nursing & bonding with the little one. Right now, I have no incentive to leave him with a bottle nor do I feel ready. I realize that it’s ok to feel this way (I was feeling a bit like maybe I *should* be ok with it). I won’t feel like this forever – even with what I’ve said in point one and two – I think it is probably unhealthy to still feel like this when the little one is 30 years old. 😛
  • I am not perfect. This is more of a re-realization. I won’t always get the housework done; my priorities have changed (me, baby are at the top). I will make mistakes, but luckily the little one seems pretty forgiving.
  • It’s ok to say “I need help”. I tend to be the type of person who feels bad for asking for help. But, I am slowly getting over that.

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